Orphan's Online Studio allows you access to top class equipment from anywhere in the world.

Through our contained submission form, it's as simple as uploading your file/s, filling your information and any prefered settings on processing units. 

After we've completed processing you will receive studio quality wavs of your audio. 


More units coming soon including compressors, EQ, distortion, effects.

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Throughout the years people have debated the "warmth" of recordings, attributing it to different methods techniques and outboard units but the main contributor to that desired warmth lies in the magic of tape saturation. 



Print fully mixed songs on 1/4" Sony tape machine before mastering


Multitrack tape

Saturate 24 tracks through an Otari MTR 90 2" tape machine.


Audio processing

Audio processing most commonly happens during the mixing stage to aid a combination of audio tracks to be heard independently at a basic level. Choosing the right units can be daunting but we have collected some of our all round favourite processors on just about any source.

Rack Crop.jpg


Compression is not only a tool for creating a more consistent level on an audio track, It can also enhance the sound overall with different results depending on the unit. 


Effect Prints

Used to create a 3D space within a mix as well as spot effects to create more interest in the sound.

After you send your audio, we will send you a 100% wet (consisting of just the effect) track so you can mix your prefered level of effect to the direct signal.


EMT 140 plate reverb

A 60's era solution to the harshness of spring reverb, the smooth decay of the 140 plate became a go to reverb for engineers and producers around the world, popularly used in Abbey Road studios from the 50's to this day. 



Re amping requires guitar/bass to be recorded through a DI.

Reamping gives you an oppotunuty to re-record previous performances through a variety of amps, pedals and microphones. To do this there needs to be a conversion process, changing the impedance from a line level output to a much higher output suitable for guitar amps.


Guitar & Bass

Choose from a large selection of guitar and bass amps.